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Floral arrangements play a central role in any wedding. Feelings, emotions, colours and perfumes are communicated through the flowers on a day that will remain forever engraved in the hearts of the bride and groom.

Every bride has her preference, and our role as florists specializing in weddings is to accompany her in the floral choice so that she has the wedding she has always dreamed of: from the bouquet to the ceremonial decorations and the floral arrangements at the reception.

Wedding Flowers

We can provide perfect floral decorations for the bride and groom’s home, church and wedding location.  All of our bride’s requests will be satisfied and you can be sure you will be holding your dream bouquet on your wedding day. 

We will propose the ideal floral solution for every type of ceremony. Find your wedding floral inspiration and get in touch so that we can create the perfect flower arrangements for your special day.



The bouquet is one of the most important accessories of a wedding. The spirit of the ceremony is condensed into the bridal bouquet. Whether it be a sober or colourful bouquet, made with tulips or roses every bridal bouquet is unique. 

We help the bride with her choice of flowers, how to match her bouquet to her dress and help the theme flow effortlessly from the ceremony through to the reception.

Location of the ceremony

The wedding venue will be the stage for your day of love. Every detail must be perfect and the flowers will definitely be the star of the scene. Both for the wedding ceremony and for the party that will follow, every floral decoration will make the atmosphere more magical with the smells and colours of each flower arrangement.

Table centres

The wedding centerpiece represents a very important decorative component of the setting of a wedding location. It is a floral detail to be chosen with care and originality. The centerpiece gives atmosphere to the tables of the wedding reception and creates harmony among the guests of the couple.

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